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Florida has three distinct heritages. Explain how each have influenced the development of Florida politics.

300-500 word count 

Florida’s Historic Developments Historic Development


Florida’s Three Heritages:

Spanish Heritage

Frontier Heritage

Southern Heritage


Spanish Empire:


La Florida

San Agustin (1565)

Pensacola (1698)

Strategic Defense

Little Economic Development

Magnet for anti-British activities

Runaway slaves

Renegade Indians

Andrew Jackson

Joseph Marion Hernández


Andrew Jackson (1817-8)

Invaded Florida in First Seminole War

Safe Haven

Adam Onis Treaty

Spanish Florida

Key West (De

Ybor City

Joseph Marion Hernández

Ethnic relations



90% in Panhandle

Smaller state in Confederacy

Three Seminole Wars: Out of Florida

Indian Removal

Indians keep pushing deeper South

System of Forts to protect white population: War of attrition

Seminole rights

Seminole Wars

Pushing South


Southern Heritage

Slave State

Confederate State-1/10/1861


Josiah Thomas Walls (1871-1878)

Election of 1876

Democratic Control

Silk Hats vs. Wool Hats

Jim Crown

Plessy v. Ferguson







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