should we forgive in life

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CRP #2
CRPS are oportunities to address a question on readings and discussions, it should be approximately 250 words

also cite if you are going to insert any resources taken from the readings. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism of any kind—such as taking another’s words

and/or ideas from a book, another student, or from the internet without full and complete citation—is

unacceptable regardless of the circumstances.

Read the following attachments of the book “Sunflower” .What is your response to Simon’s question at the end of the novella. In his own words, “You, who have just read this sad and tragic episode in my life, can mentally change places with me and ask yourself the crucial question, ‘What would I have done?’”

Make sure to explain the reasoning behind your response. Be sure to integrate ideas offered by one or more of the 53 respondents found in the book,And, as I wrote yesterday, please ignore what it says on the syllabus. Simply use the link found within this Assignment (i.e., “CRP #2”) to submit your CRP. My apologies for making that mistake.

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