soc 1001 i am pursing an bachelors of science in nursing

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For your post this week, you will be creating a small research paper based upon a career that you wish to pursue. This assignment will help you do research on this topic and to paraphrase your information which means to put it in your own words. This also builds upon research you did in UVC1000 in Weeks 4 and 5. Use the skills you have and try new research techniques. Document (write down and share) what you tried and how successful you were.

  1. Search the web using a search engine (such as Google or Bing) to find sample resumes and articles from your degree field and information about the field. If you cannot find an article about your degree field, perhaps you could find an article by someone in the field. Next, use the South University Online Library to search for sample resumes, articles from your degree field and other information about your field.
  2. Compose a small research paper as a Word document in APA format (name it W3DQ_YourLastName), that you will attach to your initial submission post, that includes the following components:
    1. Identify the career you chose and explain why you chose it.
    2. Find two sources in APA format from the open web and two sources from the SUO Online library that you looked at. Include your four sources in a reference section in APA format.
    3. Cite your references in the body of your document, following APA conventions.

3. In your post, explain what search terms you used and the criteria you used to determine if the information was credible.

4. Compare your experience searching on the open web and searching in the Online Library. You may want to try advanced search options and report on them.

Note that from this week on throughout your college career, the grading criteria that mentions information literacy includes the requirement of providing references in APA format to support your ideas.

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