soc 301 answer two questions one from group a and one from group b

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Answer TWO questions, ONE from group (A) and ONE from group (B)

(GROUP A) Answer only ONE of the following questions. Write your answer in four pages, font size 12 and use double-space. Answer the question from the reading material that we have studied during the course.

Discuss Human Emryonic Stem Cells rseaecrh and ethics.

Discuss the Marxian perspective of religion as alienation as explained by Pals.

Discuss the competing consumer and religious identities and their negative effects on citizenship identity in the Israeli politics as explained by Ram.

Discuss the role played by Civil Religion in America in the American war of independence and the civil war.

Discuss Clifford Geertz’s definition of religion.

Discuss the possible contradiction between the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and traditional forms of religious practices as explained by Smolin.

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