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Assignment Tasks

1) Compare three different types of loop available in java. Also discuss their general syntax. Create your own programs using these three types of loops. The programs created should read input from user and display specific patterns based on the input variables.

(30 Marks)

2) Write a note on Bitwise, Boolean operators available in java. Write and execute a JAVA program to accept four numbers from the user to evaluate minimum 4 different Mathematical and Boolean expressions having these operators (+,-,*, %,/,&&,||, !,?,&,~, ^) in them . Use appropriate data type for each variable used.

(30 Marks)

3) A supermarket updates its customer`s credit points at the end of every month. It offers three categories of membership: gold, silver and diamond. Minimum credit points is defined for these three types of memberships. If the total credit points in that month falls below minimum level, there is a penalty of 10 credit points for silver member, 20 credit points for gold member and 30 credit points for diamond member .If the credit points exceeds minimum level then the credit points are calculated as follows,

ï‚· Gold member receives 8% credit points on current credit points.

ï‚· Silver member receives 4% credit points on current credit points.

ï‚· Diamond member receives 10 % credit points on current credit points.

Write an execute java program that reads customer`s account number (String type), account type (char type: g or G for gold, s or S for silver, d or D for diamond), minimum credit points that account should maintain and the current credit points (both of type double).The program should use switch construct for calculation and then output the account number, account type, final credit points, and print appropriate messages. Final credit points are calculated as per the conditions given above. Draw flowchart for this program.

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