Sources of Protein & Energy Nutrition Worksheet

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Question Description

I’m working on a science exercise and need a reference to help me learn.

Give Thorough explanation! You are a Registered Dietitian working in private practice. Brian, a college student, and competitive soccer player, comes to you for nutritional counseling. Answer the following questions thoroughly and site your text when possible (give page numbers). Give Thorough explanations!

1.What would you tell Brian is the major energy source for his muscles and his brain. List 3 food sources of this nutrient. (3 pts)

2. You are explaining the role protein has in the body. List at least 2 functions: (2 pts)

3. Brian needs ideas for good sources of protein, what 4 ideas would you give him? (4 pts)

4. Brian consumes 3600 calories per day and 198 grams protein from his diet alone. He is concerned that he is not getting enough protein and may need a supplement.

What would you tell Brian?

a)What percentage of his calories is coming from protein? (show your work) (1 pt)

b)Brain weighs 180 lbs. Calculate how many grams/kg Brian is getting from protein (show your work) (2 pts)

c)Is this adequate? Does he need a supplement, why or why not? (2 pts)

5. List the 3 reasons you give Brian as to why he needs to eat some fat. What sources of fat would you recommend? (3 pts)

6. List 2 reasons why a high fat diet is not ideal for Brain as an athlete. (2 pts)

7. Why does Brian’s body need water. List 3 reasons why the body requires water. (3 pts)

8. When educating Brian on dehydration what would you tell him (list 4 signs of dehydration). (4 pts)

9. How do you recommend that Brian assess his hydration status? (How would he know if he is well hydrated)? (1 pt)

10.List a situation where a sports drink would be useful. (1 pt)

11. Before training or competing he should choose foods high in ___________________ because they are digested quickly and are the major fuel for muscles. Choose foods moderate in ______________ and low in _________________ and ______________ because they are digested slowly and may make him feel sluggish and nauseated. (4 pts)

12. List 3 ideas (mini-meals) of what he could eat if he had 2 hours before training or competing for an event. Justify your answer. (3 pts)

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