Southern New Hampshire University Artificial Intelligence Discussion

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For the purpose of this assignment, pick a problem in your life that might benefit from the implementation of artificial intelligence. Write a paper describing the problem, your proposed solution, components that might be needed for your solution, and potential ethical concerns. Use the readings listed in the Module One Resources section as well as additional, outside resources you find through your own research. Include references and in-text citations using APA format.

Below are some examples of topics you may consider, but feel free to use problems you experience in your own life.

In today’s fast-paced environment, many adults find it difficult to find the time to cook their own meals. Others lack the necessary skills in the kitchen. Describe a smart kitchen technology that would teach an adult how to cook a whole meal from start to finish. For example, this smart kitchen would need to recommend easy-to-follow recipes, help coordinate cooking times for multiple dishes, and select recipes that can be made with ingredients that the user already has, or ingredients that can be ordered and delivered to the user’s home by the time they get home from work. What AI techniques could be used in such a system? What hardware and services would need to be in place for the system to succeed? How would you combine these elements into a viable product? Can you foresee any potential legal or ethical concerns that may arise?

With the rising cost of housing, workers are moving farther and farther away from their places of work and their commutes are getting longer. Self-driving car technology is just around the corner, but what effect will it have on traffic patterns? Self-driving cars will be able to pick an optimal route to their destination, but what if there were a central authority that steered them into routes that optimized the whole system? What AI techniques would you use to design such a system? What hardware would be needed to put it into place? Are there any ethical concerns with implementing this technology?

  1. Personal assistants are permeating our lives. They help us organize our time, improve our productivity, and are slowly seeping into our personal lives. What AI techniques could you use to design a personal assistant that would help shape your behavior? Could it run on existing hardware? What aspects of your life would you be able to turn over to it? Would you let it schedule your work tasks, workouts, and family time? Why or why not?

Specifically, in your paper, you must address each of the following aspects of your chosen scenario:

  1. Describe a real-world problem that would benefit from the application of AI.

Propose a solution to a real-world problem by describing applicable AI techniques.

  1. Identify necessary system components, such as hardware or services, needed for your solution.

Identify potential ethical concerns with your solution.

Note: You do not have to propose solutions to the ethical concerns at this point, but you should identify them.

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