Sparta and Athens

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Athens and Sparta were two important Greek city-states. However, these city-states were very different. Which city would you rather call home? A travel company is looking to create a brochure about ancient Athens or Sparta and it needs your help. You must create a travel brochure for the city you call home. You must describe what makes the city such a great place, what tourists should do on their trip, and how they can be prepared for visiting the city.

Step 1: Choose Your Home City

  • Athens
  • Sparta

Step 2: Create Your Travel Brochure
Your travel brochure must:

  • be at least three paragraphs
  • describe what tourists need to know about the city’s history


  • describe what places in the city tourists must visit
  • describe what tourists should wear
  • describe what tourists should eat
  • include three images or drawings that show aspects of the city’s culture

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