sports history and ethics paper

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The ability to identify major issues relating to ethical issues in sport, along with the ability to identify the governing bodies in world sports are key skills that will allow the student to fully appreciate the subject matter material as the course proceeds forward.

For this unit of the class, you are to write a report answering the following question:

“Based on the history of sports and the concepts of ethics, fair play and responsible community citizenry, should athletes in any professional sports be permitted to utilize steroids or other artificial or synthetic performance enhancers – and why?”

You must include cited research from at least 3 sources, at least one of which must be a scholarly journal. To find relevant scholarly journal articles for your paper, go to Lynn Library and search for scholarly/peer reviewed articles concerning your topic.

You may use your notes, textbook, handouts, library resources and Internet research. Where required or appropriate, you must cite to your sources in APA formatting. For information on proper citation style, see a Lynn Library reference specialist or Lynn Library Citation Help

You will be graded on your consideration of the specific above-mentioned elements and ability to properly and clearly express these elements, proper utilization and citation of sources, including scholarly journals and language usage. The report must be no shorter than 750 words and is to be submitted in typed, double-spaced form. A report that does not follow this form (including the citation and scholarly journal requirements) will be deducted one point. This project is worth 15% of your overall grade.

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