Starbucks Loyalty Reigns Case Study Analysis Digital marketing Tools writing homework help

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In 2015, Starbucks Corporation saw 20% of its payments in the U.S. via its mobile application or “app,” and 94% of Facebook users were fans of Starbucks or friends with fans. This case study explores Starbucks’ use of its mobile app, social media, and digital marketing, which helped to drive customer loyalty and increase its customer base, stock price, and revenues.

For this assignment, you will apply the key concepts from Weeks 1-8 to evaluate the use of digital marketing technology, and recommend strategies to drive customer loyalty and increase the customer base.

1. Read the “Starbucks’ Loyalty Reigns” case and think about the points outlined below.

      1. 2. Write a paper that addresses all of the following and is organized as outlined below:
      2. a. Introduction (Suggested length: 1-2 paragraphs) i. Give a brief summary explaining what is happening in this case. You may also view the company’s website and recent SEC filings.
      3. b. Analysis (Suggested length: 1-2 pages) i. According to the case study, what types of digital marketing tools and social media platform technologies does Starbucks currently use?
      4. ii. How has the use of these digital marketing tools and social media platforms led to customer loyalty and increased growth?
      5. iii. Has Starbucks missed the mark in their selection of their digital marketing tools and social media platforms?
      6. c. Recommendations (Suggested length: 1-2 pages) i. How would you drive customer loyalty and increase the customer base using the digital marketing tools and social media platforms differently?

Your submitted assignment must:

  • ï‚· Be typed, single spaced using a professional font size 12, including headings and subheadings, with one-inch margins on all sides. See the Sample Professional Paper under Course Documents for an example.
  • ï‚· References must be included and provide appropriate information that enables the reader to locate the original source. Application and analysis of course materials and resources is expected, and additional research is welcome.
  • ï‚· Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student name(s), the professor’s name, the course title, and the date.
  • ï‚· Be no more than 5 pages in length, excluding your cover page and reference list.

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