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Go to the online book titled “Strategic Communication Practices: A Toolkit for Police Executives”, located here. You may also view the article here. Focus your reading on Chapter 3 “Developing Strategic Communication Plans”.

Review the seven (7) steps required in the process of developing a strategic communication plan. Determine the step that you believe is the most important in the process. Include example(s) to support your response.

Debate for or against the following statement: “When officers make an arrest without a warrant, they act at their own peril and are allowed no margin of error”. Provide a rationale for your response.


hi everyone when it comes to strategic communication. As a non-profit organization owner i know that communication is a MUST this is the number one thing to develop steps in planning. A communication plan helps define the apporach in your vision or project. Seven steps to take when creating a strong and engaging communication plan.

1. Define what needs to be communicated

2. Set clear objectives

3. identify and define your target audience]

4. Create an overarching message

5. Select the most appropriate communication methods

6. Develop a detailed timeline

7. Implement the plan

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