Strategic Communications Planning communications homework help

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Utilize the SPIN Project “Strategic Communications Planning” format (p. 4) and reprinted below:

Select a messaging objective, and craft a disciplined and cohesive message using the three-part framework:


Introduce your frame. Describe how your issue affects your audience and its

broader impacts.


Speak broadly about the change you wish to see. Speak to people’s hearts

with values-rich language and images.


Call on your audience to do something specific.

Your message is to be submitted in an MS Word file and upload as the week’s written assignment.

In doing so, ensure your message is clear and that it is well organized and differentiated per the offered framework. Do so by selecting a message objective. Creating the message by clearly showing the component parts and then as well show the complete, cohesive and refined message that can be traced back to the offered framework. DO NOT simply offer a message — just like a math problem – show your work!

Although APA formatting is to be used as only a guide in this case, your work should still be neat, legible, properly matured and proofed for grammar and spelling — all of which have potential to dilute a message

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