SU Biomedical Ethics Healthcare System Curative Services & Chronic Illnesses Essay

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I’m working on a philosophy multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

  1. Please design a health care system for the U.S.. Compare it to Biden’s plan and the system of at least one other country that has universal health care coverage. Why is your system preferable to the other systems? (75%)
  2. Please provide an analysis of the ethical and legal issues for one of the following (25%):

The instructions plus examples of well written essays for the class are attached.

I posted the PDF with the instructions to the essay. I also added two examples of essays that scored well if you wanted to use that as reference or reword. I also attached the answers to question number two that you can also look at and reword. There are not any specific page numbers or format specified. It will be good as long as it has all the information necessary with good info.

Question 1 has multiple parts to it. If you are ever in need of a good example of what our teacher is expecting in terms of content, please look at the examples of finished essays for reference. Again, thank you so much and keep me updated :).

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