Submit an evaluation of at least three foundational theories APA

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To prepare for this Assignment, review this week’s
Learning Resources as well as any additional sources of your choosing.
Conduct research to identify theorists who developed theories related to
global supply chain management and compile key information as part of
your review (see below). One example, is the Eli’s Goldratt’s theory of
constraints. Other examples might include the transaction cost economics
(TCE) and resource-based view (RBV) theories. The intent of this
Assignment is to familiarize you with theories that you will find
helpful as you complete your presentation and your Week 7 Assignment.

Submit an evaluation of at least three foundational
theories in the form of a properly formatted, APA-compliant taxonomy
table. For each of the theories you select, you should include the

  • The name of the theory
  • The year the theory was introduced
  • The theorist/author
  • Key components of the theory

For each theory presented, be sure to include at least one theorist’s seminal reference and one reference from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal. Be sure you use these as appropriate in-text citations as well.

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