Success of Vaccination Activities in the Coronavirus Pandemic Essay

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Paper 2: A Science Issue in a Social Context

In this 3 to 5 page paper the student will select a CURRENT science topic that is controversial or “in question” by a segment of society. The student will research the topic and write the paper as an advocate for science. The paper should explain why the this topic is controversial in the first place and supply enough background on how the issue has changed or evolved over time. It is important to focus on why the topic is controversial in the first place.

Some suggested topics for this paper include but are not limited to: genetically modified food, vaccinations, climate change, animal testing, creation of novel viruses, cloning extinct species, stem cell research, creationism, animal testing,etc. If the student chooses another topic (which is fine) please check with the instructor through email for approval.

Paper Details: Total Length 3 to 5 pages, minimum of 3 citations, 12 point font, double spaced

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