taking the ground up

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In the instructions for upward hand salute in the section titled “Together” in An Orbit Around the Sun, I write, “You are metaphorically taking the ground up into your fingertips.” This action can be seen as bridging Earth below and sky above. Write about a time when you acted as a bridge of sorts, where your words and actions allowed someone else to crossover and unite rather than be left alone and behind.

Begin your writing by describing the scene. Jump in with dialogue. Who is there? What are they saying? Show us the conflict. Aim to capture the emotion and tone of the conversation.

Aim for a page or two of double spaced writing. Again, don’t start your writing with a traditional introductory paragraph. Upload your work as a Google Doc, Word file, or PDF.

To prepare for this writing assignment, look at the link on dialogue. Study it. Aim to punctuate correctly. Edit your work carefully. This may be the first time you use this technique in your writing. Mistakes are learning opportunities. Experiment. Have fun.


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