Teacher candidates will develop a 10-day (two-week) UbD curriculum unit of study

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(1) Teacher candidates will develop a 10-day (two-week) UbD curriculum unit of study in their content area for a group of students in their Practicum Placement. This unit must align with the State standards. A description of the group of students for which the unit is planned, a course statement, and a unit statement must be included. In addition, the unit must explicitly incorporate the six facets of understanding as presented in Wiggins’& McTighe’s Understanding by Design.

(2) A lesson plan will be written for each day of the unit that incorporates the following criteria based on Hunter’s Essential Elements of Instruction lesson plan model: specifies learning objectives, specifies materials and media, includes an anticipatory set, outlines teaching/presentation, offers guided practice, provides closure, and highlights independent practice/formative assessment.

This needs to be for Advance Placement English. Teacher is Andrea Brown. State Standards to be used are Florida State Standards.


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