Team Project for healthcare Marketing, health and medicine homework help

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I need 5-6 PP slides, this part of a Team Project for healthcare Marketing. Please read carefully

Speaker’s notes must be between 150 to 200 words per slide. Please follow APA Format

*****This is a hypothetical health care organization****

The background information for our organization.

Lone Star Urgent Care

Downtown, Dallas, Texas.

Mission Statement: To treat all patients with compassion and integrity, also providing prompt, affordable, and quality service to all whom we serve.

  • Background information ONE SLIDE ONLY
    • What is the name of the organization or program?
    • What is the geographic location?
    • What is the organizational mission

  • Market research ONE SLIDE OR TWO MAX!
  • o Why must market research be conducted?

    o What kind of data will you use: primary, secondary, or both?

  • Target market ONE SLIDE OR TWO MAX!

    o Determine the primary market: What are the characteristics of
    the primary market?

    o Determine the secondary market: What are the characteristics of
    the secondary market?

    o Market segmentation: How will you segment the market? Why?

  • Competitive analysis ONE SLIDE ONLY

    o Identify your competitors.

    o Briefly describe your competitors’ strategies.

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