Tech Brief on Current Alerts

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Choose an Alert closely related to the weekly topic and write a concise summary using the template.

Assignment Directions: 

  1.  The US Government Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) provides timely notification to critical infrastructure owners and operators concerning threats to critical infrastructure networks. Each week, review the National Cyber Awareness System website.   
  2.  Choose a topic closely related to our weekly material and write a concise summary using the organizational template and example

Organizational Template

A. Identify the Vulnerability Type(s)

B. List the Impact

C. Analyze and Outline the Mitigation Plan

D. Source


A. Vulnerability Type:

Insufficient Verification of Data Authenticity

Active Scanning: Vulnerability Scanning

Spearphishing and Social Engineering Methods

B. Impact:

Remote Code Execution

Directory Traversal

Structured Query Language (SQL) Injection

Web Shell Uploads

C. Mitigation Plan:

1. Network Segmentation: use proper network-protection devices to isolate industrial robots that need to process data coming from other networks, possibly with a physical cable, to make spoofing only possible to an attacker who is physically onsite.

2. Secure Programming: in addition to adopting secure network architectures, system integrators should promote secure programming guidelines among their control-process engineers and programmers, to minimize the attack surface exposed by automation code.

3. Automation Code Management: knowing and keeping track of the automation code produced by a system integrator and running in a factory is a fundamental prerequisite to find, manage, and resolve vulnerabilities and other security issues that may arise.

D. Source: AA20-304A (

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