Technology for Early Childhood

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Technology and Early
Childhood Education

There is considerable discussion and a wide body
of research about technology and its place in early childhood education. Write
a short analysis paper examining the role of technology in early childhood
education. How does technology fit into a developmentally appropriate program?
How does technology relate to children with diverse backgrounds? What uses does
it have with regard to adapting educational activities? Are there any
connections between technology and classroom management? The paper should be
two to three pages in addition to the title page and the reference page. Use at
least four references.


Title Page
Topic of the Paper
Name of the Course
Student Name
Date Submitted
Introduction of the topic
Include an explanation of why the topic is important.
Define the scope of the paper (what is being covered).
This section is a constructive and analytical
discussion of what was found in the literature. In developing this
section, it is important to be able to demonstrate your understanding of
the topic.
In this section of the paper, present your conclusions
as to why these centers were chosen.
Why do these approaches work? How can they be best
implemented? What are barriers to implementation or strengths that may
enhance implementation?
Reference Page
List all references according to APA style
Four references in addition to the assigned reading
are required.

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