Technology Strategy Recommendation Paper – Course Focus Assignment

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The paper should be an APA guideline paper so proper title page and references with APA formatting in the paper. The maximum requirement is 2500 words so no more than 8 – 10 double spaced pages. That is for the body not the title or the references. To put it into perspective, this announcement is 700 words.

Here is the assignment description in Blackboard

Task: Select an industry (healthcare, finance, hospitality, government) and research the competitive forces, current technology trends, and future technology outlook. In the form of an analyst report, write a summative report to an executive committee evaluating the use of technology in preparing a strategic plan. On the basis of your research, recommend technical directions. Please provide evidence to support your position and set of recommendations (SLO 1.1 –4.2). This should incorporate class learning on Innovation Skills and Types. Please see assignment in Blackboard for additional guideline information.

Format: Write your paper using font size 12. Double space the lines of text. Each page should have a 1 inch (2.54 cm) margin on all four edges. Maximum word count is 2,500 words. The cover page should include your name, the name of the course, and the date. When citing external resources, please add a page of References and follow the system described in the American Psychological

Similar to the Innovation Paper, merely mentioning keywords does not count as discussing. The paper should show your understanding of the types, skills, trends, and technology.

The paper should be written as if you were providing a report to the executive management team on emerging technology.

Part 1 – A review of the competitive nature of the business. For example if it’s a hospital then it’s a review of the current state of the healthcare industry or if it’s a store, the current state of the retail industry. No more than two pages.

Part 2 – A review of the emerging technology affecting the industry in Part 1. Both current and future, in Part 1. So if it’s manufacturing you would talk about supply chain software on the cloud, the Internet of Things, 3d Printing, etc. ALL AT A HIGH LEVEL. You could use Gartner, Forrester, or other reports to help you. 2-3 pages.

Part 3 – Discuss your recommendations for one focus area. It could be IoT, Cognitive (AI), Cloud, or 3D printing. If you want you can choose womething else that is emerging like Virtual Reality. Discuss how innovative the area is using the information on innovation from class and your first paper. Also discuss the innovation skills that the company would use to incorporate the technology. For example the company could use research skills to deliver new capabilities in a sustaining fashion or they could use experimentation to develop a new breakthrough. 2-3 pages.

Part 4 – Draw a conclusion. 1/2 to 1 page.

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