Television and Citizenship communications homework help

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Answer 3 out of the 4 questions. Please do not use a particular author or concept in more than one answer. Each answer should be 3 pages long.

1) Marie Gillespie’s article reported on an Integrated Multidisciplinary Media Analysis of the impact of the news coverage of the war in Iraq on forms of multicultural citizenship in the UK. How did news coverage of the war impact multicultural citizenship in the UK? Make reference to what Gillespie terms the “governmentality perspective” and the “constructivist perspective” in your discussion. Use the “governmentality perspective” and the “constructivist perspective” to analyze the media coverage of current national security issues. Please use one media example from the lecture and one of your choice that was not discussed in lecture or the reading.

2) Shaheed Nick Mohammed offers the concept of “transgressive hybridity” to analyze the television program All-American Muslim. Define the concept and discuss how Mohammed used the concept to analyze the show. According to Mohammed, how did transgressive hybridity open up possibilities for the inclusion of Muslims in America, and how were these transgression’s limited in their capacity to open up possibilities. Drawing from one of the student presentations (other than the one you presented in) identify an example of transgressive hybridity and discuss how it might open possibilities for multicultural citizenship and how it might be limited in doing so.

3) There is much talk about how the Internet has expanded access to an increasingly diverse range of audiovisual programming with significant implications for expanding multicultural citizenship. What two authors that we read in class do you think make the strongest case for questioning or qualifying these assertions. Please draw from one of the student presentations (other than the one you presented in) to exemplify your points.

4. Choose one author from the readings in class that best engages the issues of citizenship and television that are most important to you. What central concept does this author elaborate that has prompted you to think differently about these issues of importance? Use this author’s concept to critique the concepts of two other authors we read in class. Use one television example from a student presentation (other than the one you presented in) to exemplify your points.

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