The Chilean Student Movement aka “Chilean Winter”

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Questions you might consider exploring:

How did the social movement you are examining overcome the collective action problem?

What enabled (or prevented) the movement from mounting collective challenges, developing a common purpose, maintaining social solidarity, and sustaining contention?

What networks or repertoires did the movement draw on?

How did they construct contention? How did political opportunities, the structure of power, the regime, or anti-movement actors shape the dynamics of contention?

Why did the movement adopt some strategies but avoid others? To what extent did the movement build transnational relations or alliances with other movements?

What was the outcome of the movement, and what factors shaped the trajectory of its development?

What role did public space or technology play in facilitating or hampering movement activities?

The point is not to answer all of these questions, though you may use them to develop your own question. Rather, the assignment asks you to use social movement theory to make an argument about the movement you willresearch.

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