The Development of Emotional and Social Bonds, homework help

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As class continues, you might find a certain area of the lifespan that interests you. As you read about different age periods, you will see different milestones reached. Your task is to conduct an interview with an adult or observe a child for at least one hour (could be longer) in a setting that is appropriate for that individual (a play room or playground for a child, comfortable seating for an adult) and report what happened. This individual should not be your child or relative! Take notes during the interview or observation and then compile your thoughts into a 3-5 page paper that describes the experience and connects the experience to the material in the class text about the developmental stage of that person. The paper should be in APA format (described in the “Specifics” section) and should include references to the text (in-text citations) when describing and analyzing developmental concepts and theories.

for more information, i will attach sample and rubric of this paper below

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