The first Crusade: Muslims, Christians and Jews during the first crusade , history homework help

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Research Assignment
This is a research paper. You need to develop a thesis statement and then research information to support it. You will have a thesis in which you will lay out an argument such as “The development of industrialism changed the whole world because…” and then tell me why. The paper will be your effort at proving the thesis using research sources.

Your initial sources will be the selections in the chapter. In addition you need to find TWO (2) other sources. These will probably be secondary sources (works by historians) about your topic – books or scholarly articles. You MAY NOT use “The Human Journey” as one of your additional sources.

Thesis Statement:
A thesis statement is a one sentence summation of the argument you are going to make about your topic and must appear in the first paragraph of your final paper.
1. A thesis statement is one sentence long.

2. A thesis statement does not contain a question word.

3. A thesis statement is direct and to the point.

4. A thesis statement is not too obvious.

5. A thesis statement is bold.

6. A thesis statement is argumentative
(From Jon Foster, English Instructor at DCCC)

Length: 4 double spaced pages MINIMUM (it can be as much longer than that as you like); 12 pt. font

Citation Style: Any standard style may be used – just use it consistently. RESEARCH PAPERS WITHOUT CITATIONS ARE PLAGIARIZED BY DEFINITION.

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