the functional program elements in the eloquent javascript book can be used to develop a program without traditional looping and selection constructs the dataset of interest are a list of closed polygons represented by a list of their sides so for examp

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Write a program in Javascript that exercises the functional higher order functions to compute the perimeter of only the triangles in the list. The program should be composed of the following elements.

  1. Embed a list of polygons into your program. The list must have a minimum of 5 polygons, with exactly 2 triangles in the list.
  2. Write a function named poly_sum(polygon) that returns the perimeter of the given polygon. So for example the rectangle [2,4,2,4] as input to this function would return 12, which is the sum of the 4 sides. Note that this function must be constructed only using the higher order functional elements outlined in the book. Use reduce to generate a sum of those sides.
  3. Use the standard filter function to generate a list of only the triangles in the original polygon list.
  4. Use the standard map function to compute the perimeters of the triangles from the previous step using poly_sum as the transformer.

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