The Internal Conflicts of the Trump Administration, political science homework help

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Hi ..

Could you please extend the previous essay to 2 pages more?

1) Could you extend The Internal Conflicts of the Trump Administration section by adding one page more. You can write one small paragraph about James Comey.

2) Also, can you extend the last paragraph in the same section because I feel there is information that we have to cover it more. You can write about Sean Spicer in one paragraph, and write about Anthony Scaramucci in another separated paragraph.

“There has also been some level of confusion in the administration concerning staff selection. Many officials that were appointed have been fired because of misunderstandings within the presidency. It all started with Michael Flynn then, Sean Spicer the press secretary was next. Spicer’s time at the white house was full of so many criticisms on his side especially for issuing conflicting statements with the president on matters of grave importance.

Anthony Scaramucci, who served as the White House communications director for ten days, is the latest to be fired. The president has also made matters worse by his constant criticisms of his officials with the latest being his attacks on the Attorney General Jeff Sessions.”

3) Moreover, could you please add “Expectation Section for Trump Administration” one page before the Conclusion. I mean by expectation: Will there be new dismissals? What the challenges the administration faces? What is the future for the administration? Do you think Trump Administration will survive, and why?

Thank you.

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