The “Mixtape Project”: Music that Defines History

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There are two parts in this project. One is a song playlist and one is an essay. Choose a history topic or movement in this course(my course talked about the US history from 1877 to the Present. Some important movements or evens that you can consider about: the progressives era, World War 1 and 2, The Great Depression, the Cold War, African American Civil Rights Movement, Indian Power Movement, Asian American CivilRights Movement). Then create a playlist with 8-10 songs on the choosing topic(The song that can serve as an anthem, unify a people or a
movement, express the desire or need for change, and serve as a balm for healing). For the essay part, define the theme (subject) of your
playlist, explaining to the listener/reader the significance to your chosen topic.

Please read the guide sheet that I uploaded carefully.

Thank you so much!

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