the question is below:

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Hi, this is a re-send question, I need help for my home work, hope to get help from you, thanks in advance! the question is below:

at the beginning of the year,

1 the government has issued bonds to cover a public debt of 500

2 corporations have issued 300 in corporate bonds that partially finance bakeries values at 500, Machinery valued at 300 and inventories valued at 200

3 and households have mortgage of 500 financing 600 of dwelling, they hold 400 in cash ands deposit, 500 in government bonds, 300 in corporate bonds and 200 in foreign bonds

during the year,

4 unincorporate farms produce 80 kgs of wheat that is sold to millers at a price of 1 per kg

5 unincorporate mills purchase the wheat and produce 60 kgs of flour that is sold to a baker at a price of 2 per kg

6 and incorporate bakers purchase the flour and an imported bread machine values at 400 producing 200 loaves of bread at price of 4 per loaf

7 there is a 25% sales tax applied to wheat, flour, and bread

8 half of the bread is exported, 20% sold to government, 20% sold to households and 10% held in inventory.

9 workers at the bakery paid are paid 300

10 households pay 150 in income tax, corporations pay 20, banks pay 30

11 financial assets and liabilities pay an interest rate at 10%, cash and deposits do not pay interest

from this information, produce

1 a beginning of the year balance sheet( financial and wealth account)

2 a supply table and valuation matrix( supply and use account)

3 a use table

4 a distribution matrix

5 an income and expenditure table

6 an end of the year balance sheet

demonstrate numerically that

7 GDP (sum of value added ) equals GDE (sum of final demands) equals GDI (sum of income)

8 lending equas borrowing

9 net wealth equals value of non-financial assets

10 each financial instrument sums to zero across the sectors

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