The regression model Yi = Bo + BIXli + B2Xzi + B3X3i + B4X4i + ui has been estimated using Gretl. The output is below. Model 1: OLS, using…

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hi im not quite sure how to get the anova table using gretl just by having this data

The regression modelYi = Bo + BIXli + B2Xzi + B3X3i + B4X4i + uihas been estimated using Gretl. The output is below.Model 1: OLS, using observations 1-55coefficient std. error t-ratio p-valueconst1.92710.47464.0605 0.0002X1-0.97470.1869-5.2163 0.0000X2-1.23350.1211 -10.1830 0.0000X31.60580.49173.2657 0.0020X4-0.33960.1751 -1.9393 0.0581Mean dependent var -2.16917 S.D. dependent var 3.23123Sum squared resid127.99S.E. of regression1.5999R-squared0.77299 Adjusted R-squared 0.75483F(4, 50)42.563P-value(F)0Log-likelihood-101.27Akaike criterion212.54Schwarz criterion222.57|Hannan-Quinn216.42Create a complete ANOVA table for this regression (including the columns for ‘Sum ofsquares’, ‘df’ and ‘Mean square’). In your answer, you should present the ANOVA table andshow all your working.

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