the spreadsheet of healthcare organization

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In considering the financial requirements for starting a new hospital outpatient physical medicine and rehabilitation service, use the attached cash and accrual spreadsheet formats to enter the information related to the projections of activity, income/revenue and disbursements/expenses in the first and second years of operation.Note that the cash projections should take into account the delay for first payments from the third-party payers.The following provides information about assumptions for the plan.

What I am responsible for is to do the spreadsheet that I post, so tutor just put specific forecasting numbers on that sheet according to the clear requirements. The professor said the most important thing is to let us to know the operation format of healthcare organization rather than the right number, so don’t worry about the data that is right or not, just keep is reasonable.

I post the requirements of team project for all teams, specific requirement for our team and that spreadsheet. I also post 2 text books that I posted to you before, which is helpful to understand the concept and meaning of some words from the spreadsheet.

It’s too much work, please see requirement carefully.

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