The team member from hell English homework help

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CASE STUDY PAPER #2 – The “Team member from Hell” Paper

Purpose of thisAssignment

To show that you can use course theory and concepts to identifycauses of so called “people” problems in organizations and to comeup with practical solutions to fix the situation discussed in the case“The Team Member from Hell.”
Format The paper should contain 1,200 1,600 words, 12 point font, double line spacing. You will add a cover page showing your name and the name of your paper, and a reference page listing all sources cited in the paper. Cover and reference pages do not count against the word

Structure ï‚· Section 1. A brief statement of your observations about the situation and the key issues in that team

.ï‚· Section 2. A clear onesentence problem statement; e.g., Theproblem facing this team is XXX

 Section 3. Identification of 3 causes of this problem – each of which comes from a theory or concept in our course. In other words, you will be applying 3 concepts/theories from the course.For each concept you must:o Define the theory/concept in a detailed enough way that it is clear you understand its distinctions and why it applies here.o Persuade me that it fits this situation and helps you understand a true cause of the problem in the case.o Explain the concept in enough depth that I am convinced you fully understand them. Feel free to cite the textbook and other sources anywhere in the paper, just do NOT use quotes from the textbook to define the concept. State things in your own words, otherwise I will not know whether you fully understand the concepts. To show me that you understand them, you will need to discuss nuances and those finegrained details to develop nonobvious ideas. Choose depth over breadth as you decide how many concepts to discuss. Section 4. Propose two possible solutions to the problem (section2) – which grow out of the causes of the problem you discussed

insection 3. Discuss the clear, explicit, connection between one or more causes of the problem (see section 3), and each of these two possible solutions.

ï‚· Section 5. Recommend the BEST solution (selected from the two you presented in section 4). Tell me why this is the best solutionand the pros and cons of this choice (for example, what might make it difficult to implement?). Explain how you would practically implement it as the consultant hired by the professor.

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