the1130initial audience response

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In this Module 1 is a page entitled ” Video Links.” Watch several clips then select your favorite to complete the “Initial Audience Response Sheet” and submit it as an attachment. Do your best to answer the questions completely and thoroughly, and remember to back up your opinions! INTRO TO DRAMA – INITIAL AUDIENCE RESPONSE SHORT PAPER


Student Name:      

Title of Scene/Clip Viewed:      

Discuss the story that you saw. What happened? Could you follow the basic story? Did the performers make what was happening clear to the audience? What was your basic reaction the piece? Funny? Sad? Emotional? Etc?     

What was the main conflict? Was it resolved?    

Did the performers create believable characters? Were they convincing in their portrayal? What did you expect? Was the result less than you expected? Better? Discuss each character and make some assessment of his/her performance.  

Did you notice anything in particular about the environment of the scene? The scenery? Lighting? Sound? Costumes?

Would you like to see this entire play? Why or why not? What is the major element that causes you to feel the way that you do?

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