theater course

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how about $20 instead of $25. short answers is good enough

answer these questions based on the material & shows through the semester. I need a short answer or a paragraph for the following questions, it would’t be that hard since you are the one who wrote the papers for this course, so if you could do it by tomorrow or after tomorrow would be great. however, I’ll attach some sources & material for this course.


1- Was the set of Eurydice abstract or realistic? Which elements did you like? Which did you not care for? How did the set transport you?

2- Tell us about the strangest, or most illuminating, or otherwise most significant experience you had in the theatre this semester. Did it change your thoughts on the world? Your life? Did it shift the way you question or think about an issue? This is an open-ended question. Be specific.

3- When you think of theatre in terms of collaboration, what comes to mind?

4- When you think of theatre in terms of innovation, what comes to mind?

5- In the director’s notes for Eurydice, director Stanton Davis spoke of the play as Ruhl’s attempt to make peace with the loss of her own father, and to explore family myths. How did this play lead to you think about your own family myths? Your own family dynamics?

6- If theatre is our practice of being human in an attempt to get it right, how has this course helped you to think about your humanity and the humanity of those around you?


let me know if you need additional information

Best Regards

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