there are 3 plays and a total of 10 questions about the plays

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“Before Breakfast” is another play which uses a monologue.

1 Explain how Mr. Rowland is viewed as an actual character.

2 Who do you feel is to blame for the issues in this play? What parts of the play lead you to this idea?

3 Does Eugene O’Neil attempt to balance the presentation of facts in this play? Give some support as to why you think this.

4 What do you know about the wife in this play and what do you know about the husband?

“Soul Gone Home” by Langston Hughes

5 Explain the significance of the title, “Soul Gone Home”

6 Explain the importance of the breaking into the afterworld and how Hughes uses the soul or dead son to give impact to the play.

7 What feelings for this mother does the audience have after watching this play?

“Andre’s Mother” by Terrence McNally

8 How does McNally attempt to include some humor in this play?

9 Though she says nothing throughout the play, why is “Andre’s Mother” the name of the play?

10 What is the symbolism of the white balloons?

Bonus Question:

After all the plays read this semester (include Trifles) which appealed to you the most and what were your thoughts on the “drama” of the play and the quality of the dialogue?

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