this assignment does t have length only follow all the requirements and complete properly each question is a discussion post

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Discussion Post – Watch Video(s) and Answer Questions

Watch the following videos and answer the questions below

The new shopping cart is an interesting idea, but nearly 20 years later we are still using the same old designs.

Answer the following questions:

ï‚· Why wasn’t this idea commercialized?

ï‚· What are some of the faults in the design?

ï‚· What about the business model?

ï‚· Are there any issues with the ‘shopping cart market’ that would inhibit innovation?

ï‚· What did you notice about their empathetic, enthnographic approach? Did you see any example of the issues from the Altitude MIT video?

ï‚· How do you feel about their approach to brainstorming? Did you see any differences from the IDEO video?

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