this is 2 discussion post from 2 different student all i need to do is to give a response base on this post also i need reference 100 words each is good

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This is 2 Discussion post from 2 different student. All I need to do is to give a response base on this post. also I need reference.

Discussion POST # 1

I definitely believe my type of attachment as a child was secure attachment. I have very fond memories of my mother and father as a kid, playing, laughing, and I was genuinely excited to see them and would respond in a positive and polite manner. This had a great impact on my life especially when I look back to my child hood as a pleasant and positive growing time in my life and I have a stronger bond with my partnes now because of this. I would say as a teenager I became much more avoidant and even disordered at times, but as I get older I am secure and love my parents very much so.

I tend to attract every type. At first impressions I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to everyone. I am also really good at listening as to fully hear people out and truly understand their genius and madness some times. I would say I and generally attracted to secure types especially as I get older.

Discussion POST # 2

I grew up in avoidant attachment style. I was not living with my mother for the first few years, due to my parent’s inability to bring me to foreign country she lived in. For economic reasons I was in care of grandmother. Unfortunately, she believed that if child is ignored while crying, she/he will eventually stop. Well, she was right. I did stop crying, but reasoning behind it is opposite to her beliefs. Also, no hugs, kisses or any affection was presented. My cognitive performance was so behind that it took me so many years of self-control, and self-motivation to achieve my potential. Furthermore, I was shy, confused, bullied, and lonely.

I like strong people, that show what they want. Someone who knows how to navigate the life around them and is not afraid to share that opinion and knowledge. I found that in my husband, and I believe that we are very much alike; however, I am not able to trust or offer affection. Indeed, I am filed with emotions, yet not able to express them. I found cuddles and kisses rather annoying. Therefore, the reason behind could be the method of attachment style used, that shaped me to a stoic alike person that I am today.

Can use other References are required: from a peer-reviewed NURSING or medical journal less than 5 years old. National professional, governmental, or educational organizations (.org, .gov, be used as supplemental references. Use APA format

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