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This assignment is aligned with the following learning outcomes:

Interpret and evaluate cultural artifacts and/or their contexts for
significance by analyzing the role of classical mythology in
Western Art, from Antiquity to present.
Demonstrate proficiency in critical thinking, information literacy
and communication
Demonstrate understanding of global socio-cultural responsibility
by identifying the ways in which the myths reflect society’s views
of gender, race, class, or sexual identities.
Understand cultural expressions and recognize the relationships
between these cultural expressions and their contexts.


Ok, folks, this is your chance! For this assignment you will approach
your favorite Greek or Roman myth.

Step 1: Research

You will research your favorite myth in several sources

You must explore a minimum of three (3) sources.
One (1) of these sources must be an ancient text
(Greco-Roman texts from ca. 800 BC – AD 300)

3/17/22, 11:56 PM
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Step 2: Analyze and discuss

Analyze your myth and discuss the following:


1. Main themes
2. Storytelling category. Explain why you identify it as

such. Remember to browse through our Module 2
Glossary, and the summary on Approaches to
storytelling to refresh your memory regarding these

3. Why do you like this story so much?
4. How does it reflect the values, preoccupations, and

social condition of the Greco-Roman world?

Step 3: Interpret

Find an artwork, a song, a poem, a film, or any other sample of the fine
arts that represent or seems to be inspired in your selected myth.
Regarding of your selection, your piece must comply with the following:

It must be identified with the title of the piece, name of
the creator, and year of completion.
Images must be of good resolution and size (at least
3″x3″). Songs/poems must be organized in columns to
fit a maximum of 2 pages. Plays, operas, ballets, or
similar approaches must be presented in plot summary,
with a link to the work included in the list of sources.

3/17/22, 11:56 PM
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Please identify your work with a header that includes your full
name, the course number (HUM 2020), and the term (Spring,
This is a written assignment (potentially with images) to be
submitted online.

Please use academically acceptable fonts (e.g. Arial or Times
New Roman), size 12, double-spaced.
All submission must be done in .doc or ppt files.
Steps 1 and 2 should be of an average of 500 words, not to
exceed 600 words.

This is an individual work. Any unacceptable similarities between
classmates’ assignments will be dubbed suspicious and will be
awarded 0.
All assignments are subjects to norms of academic integrity.
Plagiarism must be avoided. All citations must be done in MLA or
Chicago style.
Sources: All sources used for this paper, including those used for
images, must be included at the end of the work. Bibliographical
information must also be presented in in MLA or Chicago style.
Grace period: This is an extra-credit assignment – No grace
period for submission.


This is an extra-credit assignment for a maximum of 20 points,
depending on the quality of the submission.

3/17/22, 11:56 PM
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