Topics, Research Question, and Data Set

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Discussion: Topics, Research Question, and Data Set

Last week, you developed a research question for your Doctoral Study Premise. The next step in developing your Premise is selecting a suitable dataset. To determine an appropriate dataset, there are a number of questions that you will need to answer. For example, is your research question of global scale? Or will you focus on a local community? Do you need information on a singular ethnic group? Or does your question refer to a wider population? Do you have command of the language used in the dataset? Are the data current enough or old enough for your needs? In this week’s Learning Resources, authors Evans, Grella, Murphy, and Hser (2010); Hofferth (2005); and Smith et al. (2011) offer additional considerations, while Yiannakoulias (2011) reminds us of some of the ethical sensitivities that arise with secondary data sources.

For this Discussion, you will research secondary data sources, select a secondary quantitative dataset from these data sources to answer your research question, and explain the rationale behind your selection.

With these thoughts in mind:

  • Research secondary data sources, and then select a secondary quantitative dataset that could be used to help answer the research question you developed in the Week 3 Assignment.

By Day 3

Submit a 2- to 3-paragraph post that includes the following:

  • The topic you have chosen for your Doctoral Study Premise
  • The research question(s) you have chosen
  • The secondary dataset you would consider to answer your research question and the rationale behind selecting it for this topic

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