TQM and Continuous Improvement.

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an organization (larger is usually better but it is your choice) that

currently uses TQM and Continuous Improvement. A good place to start

looking is by Googling “TQM companies” or “TQM success stories,” or “TQM

stories.” Find one you know something about, then head towards the

company’s website and do some research on their program and the

successes they tout as important advances from TQM and Continuous

Improvement. This is not an “opinion paper,” it is pure research, so research

the organization, and it’s quality system carefully. Then, in a 750

word essay determine and report on the company’s current TQM and

Continuous Improvement strategies, successes, and failures. See if you

can learn what they hold as important aspects or tools of the TQM or CI

systems. Support your work with at least three credible references.

Follow APA format


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