Trademark Protection

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Outline the key aspects of real, personal, and intellectual property from a financial manager’s perspective.


A local nightclub has just changed ownership, and the new owner, Bob, has contracted T&G Consulting to help decide the direction the club will take. Based on the local music scene, it would make the most sense to book either rock bands or country bands. The new owner is aware that a competing nightclub is hoping to attract new customers while Bob’s club is getting established. Bob is considering how he might trademark his business.

Bob submits an idea for a logo, and after doing some research, you realize that the logo might already be associated with an existing business.

Part 1: Working in parallel, a coworker has also concluded that the proposed logo might be associated with an existing business. The coworker, though, doesn’t think this matters, and has a very limited understanding of the significance of trademark protection. Write an email to your coworker, explaining why trademark protection is so important in business. Give examples of past trademark disputes that are relevant to your client’s situation. (Here is a library resource for help writing a professional email.)

Part 2: : After reading your email, your coworker designs a new logo for the client. In a brief report, provide some ideas for how the client can acquire trademark protection for the new logo, referencing any sources that you use. APA reference help is available from the References page of the APA Guide.

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