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Foreign Travel Plan and Budget

Task: Plan the Itinerary & estimate the cost of a business trip from your location to the country where you plan to expand and explain what you plan to evaluate on the 3 day exploratory trip. (Note: transit time is not included in the 3 days) Although this trip is hypothetical, I expect that you would be able to pick up your plan and successfully execute your proposed itinerary. Your travel plan must be executable as you have written


1. Introduction: A brief description of the location, purpose, and the intended result of your proposed business trip.

2. Door to Door Itinerary (a table or list describing departure all transit points from Home/ Business to airport, Airline/Flight Numbers, Departure /Arrival Times, local transportation, Lodging Location, meeting location, & return trip home)

3. Itemized Budget for all trip Costs in $US and Local Currency based on where the specific currency is calculated/used (Travel to Airport, Parking, Airfare, hotel, local transportation, food, etc). Do not translate locally paid expenses in the foreigh currency. A spreadsheet, table or an Itemized list of Daily Costs is required so “Package Deals” are not acceptable. Calculate final Total Costs in $US (be sure to specify Exchange rate used).

4. Identify Travel Documentation required by US & Destination Governments.

5. Describe cultural norms for business practices, meetings negotiations and having dinner at the home of a colleague from the host country.

6. Cut and paste the rubric to the end of your paper.

> Potential information Sources: www.State.GOV, CountryWatch, Culturegram (Use the library). Your research assignment for the course has listed sources as well.

Format your paper according to APA standards. A spreadsheet may be used for the budget preparation but put it in the paper, not as a separate attachment. Insert the grading rubric at the end of the paper.

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