TUOM Significant Political Socialization Factors Questions

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American Government Oct 27, 2021Your research paper is due Wednesday, Dec 1! This paper is an opportunity to reflect on the topics and themes from our covered textbook chapters and do some investigating. I want to know what you think. I have provided writing prompts; you must choose from one of the following below or send me a paper topic of your choice for approval. Papers must be 4 pages in length (double spaced, not including your mandatory reference page/works cited) with at least 5 cited sources from an academic journal – which can be found using your MyMemphis online library- or reputable news outlet. Be sure to include a references page at the end of your paper. Don’t plagiarize i.e. copy and paste; it’s lame and I’ll know if you do – we have the technology! If you do not know how to properly cite sources, ask me! And that iswhat your first draft is for. Show me what you got!1.Argue in favor or opposition of our Federalist system of government. You might explain how ourdemocratic republic differs from a parliamentary system or other democratic models using examples from around the world. – Would we be better off rearranging how our Constitution establishes representation in Washington? – Why should federal authority get to overrule state’s rights to do as they please? – Are we a union or fifty different nations with competing interests? Consider these questions.2.Make an argument concerning the interplay between civil liberties and civil rights. – Remember positive and negative freedom. Think about our freedoms (speech, religion, assembly, privacy) and think about how these are protected. – Use some historical cases that helped shape our current understanding of individual rights.- Think of what we can and cannot say in public, the workplace, or even online. – Increasingly, are we stifling free speech when we shut down a hate monger or a racist? – Is justice more important than freedom?3.Discuss how religion affects our politics. -Are we simultaneously a secular and Christian nation? -How is faith deployed as a tool in our national political dialogue? -Do you think that religious values influence our morality as a nation or is the absolute separation of church and state fundamental to our way of life in America?-Can you think of conflicts that arise in the intersection of “religious freedom” and civil rights?4.Equality is one of the big 7 American ideas from chapter one – explore this notion. -Is equality fundamental to a healthy democracy? If so, why are we so unequal economically in the U.S.? -If money influences political outcomes, then explain who our representatives are acting in the interest of. -Does everyone in America have a fair shot at economic success if the starting line is so disproportionate across our demographics? And what is this notion of “success”? Life? Liberty? Comfort? Safety?


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