two broadcast interviews two assignment each one need 500 600 words

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find TWO broadcast interviews with two people well-known in pop culture (for example – a singer, actor, author, newsmaker, politician, sports star, etc.) The interviews can either feature the same person, or two different people. The interview must be an English speaking interview and NOT be one that we have already watched in class, although the interview can feature one of the same people. For example, you can use a Taylor Swift interview,

you will write TWO separate essays. You will upload them as one document, but write the essays on two different pages. Name each page with the interviewee and interviewer’s names, and include links to the interviews so that I can verify them (See example below.)

Answer these questions in your essays:

What was the main topic of the interview?

What was the tone of the interview?

What was the setting? How did the setting contribute to the tone of the interview?

What kind of reactions were given by the interviewer?

What kind of reactions were given by the interviewee?

What did you learn from the interview?

Why do you think the interviewer chose to ask the questions they did?

If you had been the interviewer, what additional questions might you have asked and why?

What other observations did you gather?

EACH essay may not be fewer than 500 words. Do not just write the questions out and answer them. Your assignment MUST be in essay form.

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