two discussions in apa format please go through the requirements

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Discussion 1.

(a)What might an integrated supply chain look like for a financial services company such as an insurance provider or a bank? What are the components of the process? What would the customer relationship management process look like for this same firm?

(b) What, in your opinion, is the difference between a decentralized architecture and a centralized architecture? What is an example of a business decision that would be affected by the choice of architecture?

(c) From your personal experience, what is an example of software as a service? Of BYOD?

References and in-text citations must be APA compliant. The initial post is due on Saturday (6th day), while 2 responses (substantial) to colleagues’ posts are due on Sunday.

Discussion 2.

In Chapter 13, the author states “several practice-oriented agent-based simulation models have been developed that are aimed to support policy making”. Research two of these and discuss them, clarifying how they are “agent-based”, what their game entails, and how they tie into policy-making. You’ll need two references with citations for each reference to do this correctly.

A) Create a new thread. As indicated above, find two examples of agent-based games.

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