two part question 17

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Part 1

Think about the eye-color experiment conducted by Jane Elliot (A Class Divided). There were a number of outcomes such as educational performance, the quick division into us/them groups, as well as changes in the use of language.

What is our reaction to this arbitrary division of people into dichotomous categories? What do these outcomes tell us about construction and race? Why are the adults so belligerent?

Terms to understand and use for Module 2: conventional wisdom, post-racial, racial projects, colorblindness (proscriptive and descriptive), institutional racism, Civil Rights, segregation, active racism, passive racism You should use these terms in Discussions

Part 2

Below are the three possible Quiz #2 questions. Think about the questions below. How would you frame your answers? Answers should reflect the materials found in McClure, Stephanie M. and Cherise A. Harris. 2015. Getting Real about Race: Hoodies, Mascots, Model Minorities, and Other Conversations or the LibGuide at… . A parent observes her children borrowing from the clothing and music styles of many different cultures, and choosing their friends without regard to race. So when a survey taker calls and asks her if blacks “have a good a chance as whites” in society, and if African Americans are “better off” finding jobs than whites, she agrees with both statements. According to sociologists, what mistake is she making here? Describe/discuss. Suzie is white, but grew up with a few black friends and considers herself unprejudiced. She recently left for college, where she happens to sit with mainly white students for lunch, and while practicing their school spirit for an upcoming game, they worked together on a “Kill Those Indians!” sign (referring to Saturday’s opposing team mascot). Compare and contrast the concepts of prejudice and racism by applying them to this example. Analyze why colorblindness should not be an ideal, according to sociologists, by identifying at least two negative consequences for society that result from colorblindness

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