UMGC Gender Science Questions Discussion

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Is it possible for “friends with benefits” to maintain a “no strings attached” relationship or is it inevitable that one or both partners will end up developing feelings for each other? Are there any gender differences that might exist related to this topic?

Do differences in verbal and non-verbal communication skills and/or communication styles exist between men and women? If so, what are the differences and why do they exist? How can any such differences be erased?

How is friendship shaped by gender? Do men and women experience same-sex friendships differently? Do they experience cross-sex friendships differently?

Visit your local bookstore (or do an online search) and examine the books in the self-help section on improving intimate relationships. Pull several off the shelf and put them in two stacks: one for those that have titles mentioning gender-relevant advice (e.g., Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus) and one for those that are generic (e.g., Couples Communication). How do the stacks compare? Can you discern any differences between them with respect to credentials of authors, extent to which scientific studies are cited, or whether the authors guarantee certain outcomes if you follow their advice?

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