understanding how to control work processes

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Learning Objectives:

1. Demonstrate why the control of work processes is important.

2. Interpret the relationship between timing of controls and outcomes

3. List and explain the steps of the 3-step control process.

4. Compare traditional and commitment-based controls.

5. Identify traditional control systems and explain their components.

6. Explain the connection between gaining employee commitment and self-control.

Research and read an articles on supervision and leadership concepts and summarize it as a one-page report.

Type your Article Abstract using a word processing program. If using a program other than Microsoft Word, then save the file as Rich Text Format. Use 12-point font (nothing smaller); preferred typefaces are Tahoma, Arial, or Calibri. Each abstract should contain a single spaced header placed in the upper left hand corner which includes: Date, Student Name, Article Abstract #, Title of Article, Author(s) of Article, Source of Article and the date which article written.


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