union la x jordan collaboration

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As an analyst, try to understand underlying reasons why the Union LA x Jordan collaboration was supposed to be a success and articulate in terms of core concepts why it was a disaster.

Pertinent Links:

A brief history on sneakers from subculture to mainstream via video link, but it won’t tell you anything you already know from this semester’s WSJ Off Duty.

*The most important thing for the purposes of this assignment is to read the comment sections on the articles and Instagram posts.*

1. Hypebeast on Union LA x Jordan (a number of articles and editorials building up to the release online and the launch event in LA last year.)

This analysis should be based upon a review of the project/ campaign’s website, paid or organic social media, search of relevant news and reference resources, and any materials on or linked from the course.

How might data and insights from your analysis help Union LA with its brand image? Your analysis should incorporate concepts and methods including, but is not limited to (14):

lifestyle marketing perspective, consumer group, status culture, values, persuasion, scarcity, credibility, Fishbein Model, reasoned action, co-branding strategies, subculture, De-ethnicization, mobile commerce, impression management, and damage control.


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