unit 1 essay 1

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For this unit, you are to demonstrate an appreciation of issues in sports law. From any of this calendar year’s issues of Sports Litigation Alert, select THREE articles which discuss a court’s decision of a recent lawsuit. One article MUST relate to professional sports, one article MUST relate to intercollegiate/Olympic/amateur sports, and the third article MUST relate to stadium/arena/facility management.
(1) Explain the parties involved, the court, specifying civil/criminal, state/federal and the name of the specific court, providing the legal issue involved and the court’s decision;
(2) Analyze the decision’s place in the governance of professional athletics for the first article, intercollegiate/Olympic/amateur sports for the second article, and stadium/arena/facility management for the third article;
(3) Explain — and supporting with well-reasoned arguments – widely-held concepts of justice, such as those held through natural law or Judeo-Christian law that we have discussed in class; and
(4) Last, put it all together – as we simplify in class, answering the question: “In today’s world, is the decision of court fair?” Do this by (a) connecting your own concept of personal justice to how it impacts your view of the court decision, and (b) connecting and applying your view of civil discourse to the real-world setting of the communities of diverse legal perspectives, all synthesizing them together to provide your own perspective and theory on social justice in this modern, 21st century legal world.
You shall be graded pursuant to the rubric below. The report must be between 500-750 words and is to be submitted in typed, double-spaced form. A report that does not follow this form will be deducted one point. This project is 15% (15/100 points) of your overall grade.


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